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GIRISSIMA.COM & MISS KALE“Summer has finally arrived ladies! After a loooong winter, we can now enjoy sunny and super hot days and most of all, enjoy the pleasure of spending a whole day at the beach lying down on the sand and feeling the pure energy of the sun. Oh, life is good…

Beach days are amazing, but knowing what to prepare to eat is not that amazing. You want something easy yet healthy to take with you, right?

There is one thing you should have in mind, in hot summer days the most important thing is to:

keep your body hydrated

This is huge! The body loses a lot of liquids and eletrolytes when is under high temperatures so more important than how you’re going to feed your body is how you’re going to hydrate it. What I’m about to reccomend covers both ie foods that both feed and hydrate your beautiful summer body. It is also essential that you eat light foods in order to ease digestion.

Here are some ideas that are easy to prepare, healthy and, obviously, yummy!


This is one is a must. Fruit is extremely hydrating, energetic and light. The most hydrating fruits are the most water-containing ones such as pineapples, cucumbers, watermelons, cantaloupes, peaches, nectarines, oranges, papayas,mangoes. You can choose the fruits you feel like eating and combine them in a salad like: pinapple + cucumber + papaya + chopped cilantro + lemon juice or mango + nectarines + lemon juice.


This one is a good option if you feel that eating only fruit is not enough. You can buy whole grain wraps/bread and throw some veggies on it. Here’s what you can do: prepare a guacamole, “broccoli pesto” or a hummus and spread it on the wrap/bread. Then put some cucumber sticks, carrot, red bell pepper, quinoa, lettuce or/and sautéed or grilled veggies such as eggplant, zuchinni, mushrooms, red bell pepper, onions. Yum!


A quinoa or millet salad can be very fresh and light yet filling. You can cook a grain of choice and keep it in a container in the fridge and every time you want to prepare a salad you just have to take the portion you want and add some veggies, nuts and fruits. Here’s a quinoa salad I love: quinoa + dates + cilantro +papaya + cherry tomatoes. It takes 5 minutes to prepare, it’s fresh and very light.


They are delicious and very easy to prepare. There are a lot of healthy energy bars recipes, but my favourite is this one: Coconut Lemon bars with “nutella”. These ones are very fresh and perfect for a beach day. P.s.- I don’t recommend you making the “nutella” in case you don’t have an isothermal bag, because it is going to melt.

Remember to put the food in a isothermal bag for it to be fresh. I know that these kind of bags are not the most chic bags in the world…I know, I know, but you can always look for a cute one or even a way of decorating them ; ) And most of all, remember to drink lots (minimum 2l) of fresh water!

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