COLOR POWER by Trendy Taste


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The way you play with colors can make you look stylish or just the opposite. It´s important to use they with care ;)This time, I was wondering to wear my new stunning blue jacket and I was thinking how pair it. FInally, I decided that a black and white look would be perfect to let it shine…the leather skirt is beautiful and unique, I bought it in a little handcraft store in Tarifa. The top is awesome too, its quality is gorgeous and the shoulder style with little pads make it so flattering. But the most special thing about this wonderful piece is the opened back with the golden detail. And the last item I would like to talk about are my new amazing pair of shoes. Designed by a young spanish woman, I think they have nothing to envy to well-known designers ones. Love them!!!

We enjoyed a magic dinner around the Ibiza seaport and I made some great shopping in the local stores. Today we´re going to the hippie market and I´m sure I will find lot of wonderful stuff!

Have a nice day,

Thousands of kisses!

P.S.  If you want to get any of Girissima’s items, you should know that they have created a discount code for my readers. From today till next Sunday, you’ll have a 25% in all your orders…very kind of them!!! :)

our source:

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