Black & White + me = full of color

b-a-r-t-a-b-a-c b-a-r-t-a-b-a-c b-a-r-t-a-b-a-c b-a-r-t-a-b-a-c b-a-r-t-a-b-a-c b-a-r-t-a-b-a-cb-a-r-t-a-b-a-c b-a-r-t-a-b-a-c



b w / b w / b w

“It is no secret that the Black&White trend is strong this season and personally I am over the moon because I have always been a big advocate. Today I am wearing head to toe black&white with the embroidered top is from April, May by GIRISSIMA.COM. It is unbelievable how versatile this piece is and I love its whole ethnic vibe, I am so looking forward to styling it with more laid back and ethnic pieces. Lots of love all the way from Barcelona! As you know, you can keep up to date with all my adventures on Instagram!”

our source b-a-r-t-a-b-a-c

cancun_april, may

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