1st Iberian Blogger’s Battle – Get to know the Spanish Bloggers

barbara crespo

 BÁRBARA CRESPO from El Blog The Barbara Crespo is wearing: 

Gorgeous AprilMay military Cathy jeans –http://bit.ly/11HmgPd

Swildens plaid Hatch blouse –http://bit.ly/VPxU7i

Burgundy Manjerica’s Miss Daisy handbag –http://bit.ly/VsyCFg
Sunnies Memento Audere Semper Spektrehttp://bit.ly/WOeGh7


AMINTA from the blog Aminta Online is wearing:

A pair of stunning Spektre Sunnies:http://bit.ly/UbvrAB
A Parisian chic AprilMay Blazer:http://bit.ly/Tb7ldR
A pair of trendy AprilMay graphic pants:http://bit.ly/SGRQby
And a unique round purple Manjerica’s Bag:http://bit.ly/VgyuIJ


ANNA from the blog Miss Nobody is wearing:

Poe taupe jacket – http://bit.ly/VBqt7q
April May  print sleeves shirt – http://bit.ly/YUhz5u
Officina black suede boots – http://bit.ly/VNOxjJ
Manjerica Gretel bag – http://bit.ly/XxRN6O


SILVIA GARCIAS from the blog Bartabac  is wearing:

Swildens college alike sweater – http://bit.ly/VOe8ZP

Mercules Ramblin’star handbag –http://bit.ly/YV8Pfv

Sepktre trendy Momente Audere Semper sunnies: http://bit.ly/WOeGh7

Sisimú red jacket – http://bit.ly/UzRqUs


ESTEFANíA from the blog Con dos Tacones is wearing:

AprilMay camouflage pattern Cathy jeans –http://bit.ly/11HmgPd
Poe’s taupe color blouse –http://bit.ly/SDE7mf
Manjerica’s lovely burgundy Miss Daisy handbag – http://bit.ly/VsyCFg


ESTER from the blog Mi Armario En Ruinas is wearing:

Officina Lisboa black suede Papoila platform boots: http://bit.ly/VNOxjJ

Swildens Harmony maroon dress: http://bit.ly/Xze0S4

Manjerica’s Miss Daisy elegant handbag: http://bit.ly/VsyCFg

Apodemia’s golden panther necklace: http://bit.ly/VgvBbb

Sepktre trendy Momente Audere Semper sunnies: http://bit.ly/WOeGh7


PAULA from the blog My Peeptoes is wearing:

Custommade blue gretchen cardigan- http://bit.ly/STsysg

Manjerica purple round bag – http://bit.ly/VgyuIJ

Sisimú coat – sold out


SARA from the blog Collage Vintage is wearing:  

AprilMay’s Pixie pijama pants – http://bit.ly/RnjAVW

AprilMay  tamira blouse – http://bit.ly/UzR1RG

Mercules ponny express marrón – http://bit.ly/YXdAX3

Officina Lisboa suede taupe sleepers – http://bit.ly/SCP5IC

silviaSILVIA from the blog Lady Addict is wearing:
A pair of trendy AprilMay graphic pants:http://bit.ly/SGRQby

Swildens burgundy t-shirt –  http://bit.ly/UKvg0b

Mercules Ponny Express handbag – http://bit.ly/U3HHFo


AMPARO from the blog Beg Trendy is wearing:

Rosa Palo jacket – http://bit.ly/YIuIzU
Popi & Hafner dree – http://bit.ly/XxQpRy
Manjerica Miss Cuckoo handbag –http://bit.ly/TOe8ay


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